Litigation Areas

Employment Law

At Hilley & Solis Law, we pledge to fight to preserve and enforce your rights, both as an individual and as an employee. As in "lawsuit." As in the employer thought he did the right thing by his employee (or thought he did nothing wrong).

Criminal Law

The attorneys at Hilley & Solis Law represent individuals charged with various types of criminal charges in San Antonio. We also represent people throughout Texas, including the Valley, Corpus Christi, Houston and Dallas.

Personal Injury

Whether you are facing weeks without work, costly repairs for your vehicle, or have to pay massive medical bills, our firm can take the stress off of you and your loved ones by handling all the legal details for you.

Insurance Litigation

The attorneys at Hilley & Solis Law represent individual and corporate clients in a wide variety of personal injury, property damage, commercial and insurance-related disputes.

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