Insurance Litigation
Definition - Insurance Litigation

Insurance litigation involves the representation of insurers, policyholders and other stakeholders in disputes concerning the meaning, scope and effect of insurance policies and related contracts. The issues implicated in insurance litigation span a number of substantive legal areas. Although most cases involve the interpretation of an insurance policy or related contract, the subject matters involved in insurance litigation encompass an expansive array of claims and coverages, including but not limited to:

Advertising Injury and Personal Injury

Bad Faith and Extra-Contractual Liability

Commercial General Liability (bodily injury and property damage)

Construction Defect and Design Claims

Director & Officer Liability

Errors & Omissions Liability

Environmental Claims (asbestos, lead, mold and other toxic tort claims)

First-Party Claims (property damage, property loss and business interruption claims)

Guaranty Fund Issues

Life, Health & Disability Claims

Insurer Liquidation

Intellectual Property & Cyber-Security

Personal Lines (homeowners and personal automobile)

Professional Liability


What we do

The attorneys at Hilley & Solis Law represent individual and corporate clients in a wide variety of personal injury, property damage, commercial and insurance-related disputes.

The group represents clients from initial investigation through discovery, negotiation and mediation; trial, where appropriate; and appeal, when necessary.

Our experience includes, but is not limited to :

Business torts

Chemical exposure

Damage to business and business interruption


Employment discrimination

Fires and explosions


Hospital negligence

Industrial and occupational injury or disease

Land and title disputes

Medical malpractice

Motor vehicle accidents, including trucking

Personal injuries of all types

Premises liability

Product liability

Property damage

Violations of safety standards

Hilley & Solis Law attorneys have a record of success in trials and dismissals before trial, as well as appeals. Through effective investigation and discovery, with focus on acquiring superior knowledge of the unique subject matter of each case, we frequently obtain settlements, through mediation or negotiation, which our clients consider successful. We understand clients' concerns about the expense and other burdens of litigation. At every stage, we work to assist the client in making informed decisions concerning the goals of the representation and the most efficient means to achieve them.

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