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Former Prosecutor

As a former prosecutor, Carlos Solis knows the ins and outs of the criminal justice system, including how to negotiate most effectively with prosecutors and how to present a case to a jury. Hilley & Solis Law guarantees that you will receive the benefits of the knowledge he gained while working for the state.

Areas We Represent

The attorneys at Hilley & Solis Law represent individuals charged with various types of criminal charges in San Antonio. We also represent people throughout Texas, including the Valley, Corpus Christi, Houston and Dallas.

Sexual Offenses
Domestic Violence
Drug Charges
Juvenile Charges
Assault / Aggravated Assault
Theft / Aggravated Robbery
Federal Drug Charges
White Collar Crimes
How we can help

Dismissed Charges

We can still get your case dismissed

In many instances, our attorneys can have your case dismissed before charges are even filed. Contrary to common belief, it is the Prosecutor who decides whether to file charges, not the police. So, once the Prosecutor's Office receives the report, we make contact with them and present your side of the story, often times ignored or neglected by the law enforcement agency investigating the "crime". This is the advantage of having a former prosecutor defending you - we've been there, we know what evidence they are looking for, and we know what evidence doesn't help them. For best results, contact our office as soon as you believe you are a suspect in a crime and / or the subject of a criminal investigation?

Reduced Charges

We can negotiate a lesser charge

We can negotiate with the Prosecutor for drastically reduced charges. For example, a domestic violence offense could be minimized to a disturbing the peace or non-violence related charge, a DUI/DWI to "wet reckless" or just "reckless," a robbery charge to a simple, petty theft, an assault charge reduced to vandalism, etc. As most criminal cases comprise a unique set of variables, the degree to which your charges may be reduced will be dependent on various factors such as prior offenses, actual evidence, and other specifics surrounding your particular situation. Of course, a Former Prosecutor negotiating on your behalf will always benefit you, given the unique circumstances of dealing with former colleagues.

Jury Trial

Our firm has succesfully tried hundreds of cases

If factors such as inadmissible evidence, improper procedure, lack of probable cause, illegal arrest, unlawful search and seizure, or other crucial factors exist, we can file a Pre-trial "Motion to Suppress." If successful, the entire case will be dismissed, or the prosecution's most incriminating evidence will be thrown out. At this point, we will take the case to jury trial, and with our firm's extensive trial experience, we will use that to your benefit as we seek "NOT GUILTY" verdicts, or even a "HUNG" jury.

Sentence Mitigation

Our firm knows both sides of the system

In the event of a conviction, we can mitigate sentencing & penalties, persuading the court for more lenient punishment and jail alternatives such as community service, an alcohol or drug treatment program, suspended sentencing, probation in lieu of jail, reduced fines, sober living, anger management classes, etc.

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